Very difficult times are coming for this tortured earth, fallen down into the darkest Kaliyuga, especially in Chile, that mystic fatherland. Attempt, therefore, oh, heroes to spread the ideals of Adolf Hitler! In the midst of the Ocean of corruption, crime and slavery, build island-refuges, impregnable autarchic colonies, defended even with your teeth, until the last breath, where the Enemy can never enter. This must be achieved by the Hitlerist warriors of the Middle Circle. Colonies governed by the principles of Esoteric Hitlerism within a concentric organization, circular, towards the center, implosively towards the Avatar, towards the innermost point of your souls which is HE. And you will come to have the certainty that the Avatar will never abandon you, because once there, in the inviolable Center of this Circle that the Incas called Huilkanota, once seated in the Center of this Ultimate Flower, in this Barracks-Gendarmerie, in this Colony governed by the principles of Esoteric Hitlerism, He will come to reveal to you the knowledge of his Other Science, carrying you towards the Hollow Earth, Anticton, First Earth of the Ancients, and then towards the Valhalla of Venus, towards the Asgard of the Black Sun and Hyperborea of the Green Thunderbolt…

So you are invincible!

And I will also be with you, oh warriors! Oh Priest-Magi of Esoteric

Hitlerism! Oh Warriors of Wotan and the Ultimate Avatar!… I shall be there, though I am no longer-Miguel Serrano


Because all a power unfolded through centuries has come to bear its fruit in me, patiently sent through chromosomes, seemingly lost for ages and now recovered. What a responsibility! What a hard combat! To resurrect all the dead who have not died, to reach the end of the Great Work, to vindicate Lucifer, to give birth and Light to the Son of Man, the Son of Death. If only the Blood Memory were with us from the beginning, if only the work of transmutation were not so arduous! But such is Destiny, woven by the Norns…-Miguel Serrano

Forlorn and all abandoned,

On a cliff face that loomed

Proud, under the blue sky,

A tiny flower bloomed.

I just could not resist it,

and picked it where it grew,

And gave it to the dearest

That my heart ever knew

It was an edelweiss,

She wore with pride and honour,

It on her Sunday best.

She knows this little, tiny star

A man’s heart cheers the best.

Just for my sake she wore it,

And it does make me proud,

’cause of this little flower,

Two hearts each other vowed.

It was an edelweiss,

One little edelweiss,

So lonesome and abandoned,

As this small flower stood,

So were our lives forlorn

Till two hearts joined for good.

A life of love forever

With luck and shining sun,

Is what this flow’r presented,

What it for us has done.

It was an edelweiss,

One little edelweiss,

-Herms Niel ‘Es war ein Edelweiss’ March written for the Wehrmacht

We should not be surprised Professor Wirth attributed the direction of the primordial religion of the white race, including “his” Nordic-Atlantean Kristianity, to the priestess White Mothers. That is the religion of the Changing Light, re- incarnation. The revelation of the Yuga of descent and the loss of Hyperborea with the shifting of the earth’s axis. The religion of the New Sun, when the giants and ancient Gods had been submerged within mountains, in the Inner Hollow Earth, or had gone on to the “world on the other side of the mirror,” the “other side of the senses,” when the River of Death had overflowed the earth.

Because there once existed another Light, an unchanging Light, the Ancient Black Sun. Polar, through which it is possible to leap out, to jump into the Non- Existent Flower of the Green Thunderbolt. And this Black Sun is none other than the Gate of Venus. It is Lucifer, the true Guide of the Return to Hyperborea, at the other extreme, opposite the Christ of the changing Light of the New Sun, of death and dissolution. That is the conviction of the Hyperborean Aryans, the faith of Esoteric Hitlerism, the Way of the Warriors of Wotan and the Fuhrer, a path backwards, retrograde, transmutation of vîra into divya and the simultaneous transfiguration of the Earth.

So there is no re-incarnation, but resurrection, holy war, leap, escape. The Swastika, symbolizing the loss of Hyperborea, together with the Cross, within a Circle, is the Rightwards, that of Rama, the Guide of the Great Exodus. It is the Swastika of Tibet after Bö. The emblem of Return to Hyperborea, to the Ancient Immobile Light of spirit is the Leftwards Swastika, swirling against the time rotation of the actual earth, devourer of time, like Sat-Ur- No. It is the Swastika of the Sat-ya-Yuga, that of Esoteric Hitlerism which at the end of its cycle will firm the earth’s axis. Will immortalize the Earth, immortalizing us.


The SS initiation was preceded by a theoretical formation, already well known by Otto Rahn, Alfred Rosenberg and the esoteric experts of National Socialist race theory or racialism, already exhibited in preceding pages and in “The Golden Band.” Hörwiger also took part, with his Glacial Cosmology, in the preparation of adepts. The zodiac’s light, ice of the Milky Way, moons crashing into the earth. Five moons have already fallen, causing terrible cataclysms. One day our planet may also draw in the present moon, if earth is not destroyed before then by nuclear weapons. Ice, enemy of solar fire, falls down into the star in a ceaseless bombardment, serving in the end as a renovator of its energy, being the source of it. Hitler thought his own fire would suffice to thaw the ice of the steppes and the North Polar ice covering Hyperborea. The shock of opposites would make him immortal. The fire of the breakneck gyrations of the Reverse Swastika and his Blitzkrieg would defeat the enemy ice. An age of giants would return as the moon grew closer to the earth, neutralizing its gravity.-M.S AHTUA

Today, we suffer. And tomorrow, we might have to suffer still more. But we know it is not forever—perhaps even not for long. One day, those of us to whom it will be granted to witness and survive the coming crash, shall march through Europe in flames, once more singing the Horst Wessel Song—the avengers of their comrades’ martyrdom, and of all the humiliations and all the cruelties inflicted upon us since 1945; and the conquerors of the day; the builders of future Aryandom upon the ruins of Christendom; the rulers of the new Golden Age-Savitri Devi GITF

Raise the flag! The ranks tightly closed!

The SA marches with calm, steady step.

Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries

March in spirit within our ranks.

Clear the streets for the brown battalions,

Clear the streets for the storm division!

Millions are looking upon the swastika full of hope,

The day of freedom and of bread dawns!

For the last time, the call to arms is sounded!

For the fight, we all stand prepared!

Already Hitler’s banners fly over all streets.

The time of bondage will last but a little while now!

Raise the flag! The ranks tightly closed!

The SA march with quiet, steady step.

Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries,

March in spirit within our ranks.

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