Runes are this Power lost in Hyperborea, made visible as an exterior Sign during the Exodus and with the materialization of God Wotan making possible the Resurrection of the Hero, Baldur, the Comrade Son. The Resurrection of Himself.-Miguel Serrano


“Now all the world and the stars revolve around you. Now visualise the ancient crypt below, go through it down into the earthen hill, then back up through the column of the ether that revolves around it. Let all be silent, the silence of the dead mingles with the silence of the birds of the forest, silence reigns, Valhalla falls silent as it listens to the breaths of the Initiate. See in your mind’s eye the lightening bolts of the SS, now focus them inwards like the Iron Cross focuses inwards, with energies converging at the central point…See into the void of the Black Sun, into anti-matter, understand that the True Masters have overcome this world: they do not die in their bodies, they left this world of corruption and death in a glorious body of Resurrection, springing the lock as a divine key unlocks a gate, the Magic Gateway opens and their true body forms as a fiery chariot freeing themselves from the chains of matter that implode in the centre of the Black Sun – The Spiritual Illuminator, the Midnight Sun, the ultimate Stargate of Death and Resurrection – opening of the portal of Eternity where all matter is dissolved, all materialism is undone in its terrible vortex of ultimate destruction. Only the Astal Body of the Ig-Nazi passes through the Black Hole of the Black Sun, the breakaway Astralkorper of Fiery Man passes through it.”-Magic Gateways Of The Werwolfen

‘The Warrior Revolution’ by Blutadler has been released! On this most apt of days, the birth of the National Socialist Martyr, blessed Horst Wessel. An epic song dedicated to the Warrior Revolution as espoused by Kurt Eggers, the myth told through music, of the latest incarnation of Wotan on this earth, his fateful glimpse brings hope and a new Warrior Religion on this earth is born. A written supplement that follows the music, with my graphics, is being compiled, so stay tuned!

Blutadler is an aspiring young musical and visual artist, who’s latest effort exceeds all previous scope and depth in the NS music scene. You can listen to ‘The Warrior Revolution” amongst other quality tracks and stay up to date with his artistic output at the following addresses below.

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More art of his can be found at

Savitri Devi was a supremely cultured woman with deep philosophical, philological and classical knowledge; a student of history, mythologies, symbols and comparative religion. An absolute Hitlerist until the end of her life on this earth. Now she resides in Asgard. Even beyond all these things she was the High Odinic Priestess of Esoteric Hitlerism. She was first to recognise the emergence of the Avatara and the divinity of Hitler. She erected a temple in India to Adolf Hitler and became a priestess to the cult of his memory. She kept the faith, guarding the sacred flame, by illustrating her own books with the influence and inspiration of the Führer while living in India. A faith destined to prevail and succeed mystically and magically on all continents and the future Millenia, if this sacred flame, this faith, is guarded and burns.

Miguel Serrano, Santiago, 15th December ano 95(1984)