Notre-Dame de Paris burned down. Life is full of symbols. It means that the final fall of Europe is coming soon. Christian, bourgeois, rich Europe. The one that is not really Europe at all.

There will be nothing to preserve and protect, and all that remains is to explore the pure living space of the struggle. In the history of the West, in its very essence, we may be interested only in the “fragment”, and this fragment is its center, and it is the true face. This is the West of warriors and heroes. The rest is secondary.

The secondary is unviable if it has renounced the eternal source of life. It cannot protect itself from its own decay and attacks by its enemies. Rotten body of the West were eaten by worms and jackals. There is no west.

Living life is in the heroic tradition given to us in the Epos and cosmogonic myths of our ancestors. To enter the archetype space, to repeat the myth, to join the battle is to be reborn, to be really existing, the only way to be alive at all.

And it becomes not only possible – it has already been revealed to us, and we are all participants in the process. After all, there will be no more comfortable and calm Europe: the battlefield for a new life and a new culture is forming in its place.-Alexey Levkin

But we know it is not forever, — perhaps even not for long. One day, those of us to whom it will be granted to witness and to survive the coming crash, will march through Europe in flames, once more singing the Horst Wessel Song — the avengers of their comrades’ martyrdom, and of all the humiliations and of all the cruelties inflicted upon us since 1945; and the conquerors of the day; the builders of future Aryandom upon the ruins of Christendom; the rulers of the new Golden Age.” -Savitri Devi


My Maestro had seen a female white spirit flying off from Central Europe and returning back to the heights. I told of this in “The Golden Band” and said it was perhaps the Spirit of Germany; even more, of the white race that abandoned the earth. I could already understand at that time what this meant.

The days had been fulfilled and what we have to spare, in these last past years, is for the number of those who have to proceed to the new world, to the New Earth, the remaining heroes, able to save themselves through the most heroic and desperate struggle against the forces of evil and darkness, the ultimate loyalists of the Fuhrer, combatants for his Myth, within Esoteric Hitlerism, which the Avatar continues to reveal and fulfill from some place outside the Universe.-MS ‘AHTUA’

The skull and bones on the S.S. uniform symbolized the recovery of immortality, with the black colour being “Nigredo” within Alchemic-Tantric initiation, different from other uniforms like those of the Hussars and the Corsair black flag


The war had polarized between the Sons of the Light of the Black Sun and the representatives of the Lord of Darkness.


‘We are coming down from the Ray of Green Light, first to the inaudible music of the Black Sun, then to the audible music of the Sun of Gold. And from its light which surrounds us, we have managed to extract the knowledge that the externalised woman does not have a soul or a “pre”-existence which would make her immortal. Because she was projected. This knowledge drives her to suck in the man, drawing him into herself, repeating the original event, but in the opposite way, as an even more obscure act. He will become the son, prolonging within the species the possibility of the Eternal Return, the turnings of the wheel, so that the hope of reintegration can continue. And the longing. She perpetuates herself in reproduction, conserving the increasingly tenuous hope of resurrection and of becoming immortal. However, solely through His immortality can She become immortal. This mystery is revealed only to a few in the initiation of the Grail, that stone which fell from the Ray of Green Light, that cup of eternal life.

‘There are two types of women: the seductress, who wishes to go on dancing outside so as to imagine herself alive and with a soul, enticing the warrior in order to desecrate him (Ecce Deus fortior me qui veniens dominabitur mihi!); and she who places her eternity in the hands of her lover, who “dies so that he may live”, because she believes in him with faith and love, imagining that if he regains his eternity, he will make her immortal, too. ‘Whoever has the good fortune to meet this woman should respond to her with loyalty and honour, and should one day try and return through the walls of transparent ice, beyond the cold and the storm, because she has staked her immortality on his. ‘Woe betide the one who, having received the gift of eternity in the cup of death, was not loyal to his Her and was not able to bring Her back to life! 

‘There is only one her for each him. She has been singled out for him in some register of the universe. This cannot be changed, because She is the Her who came out of Him. In the turning of the wheel of the Eternal Return, it is not always given to them to meet. One or other might arrive late, or too early. But if they do manage to meet, everything must be put at stake to bring her back to life. And it is a crime to continue losing lives in other non-essential searches; because no one can succeed in replacing his Her.‘ 

~ Miguel Serrano, NOS, Book of the Resurrection 

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